Moving to Ashland in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon?

Are you considering moving to Ashland or relocating to the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon?

Did Ashland's beauty and charm capture you on your first trip? Or, have you heard about Ashland, Oregon and always wanted to visit? Ashland's unique setting at the base of the Siskiyou and the Cascade mountains creates a place of natural beauty with four distinct, yet relatively mild seasons. Living in Ashland is an opportunity to thrive in a natural and peaceful, cultural environment.

Order our free Moving To Ashland Guide to help with your plans. This package will answer all your questions about moving to Ashland. It includes a variety of colorful brochures, magazines and materials to help you discover all that Ashland has to offer.

Complete moving to Ashland information

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Your Ashland relocation package includes

Each publication covers a different view of the Ashland lifestyle and will answer your questions about moving to Ashland, Oregon. As you look forward to moving here, enjoy looking through the Moving To Ashland Guide.

Travel Southern Oregon

1. Travel Southern Oregon

This full-color publication in your Moving To Ashland Package is very popular with those who are thinking about relocating to Ashland. Readers like the way such a variety of information about the Ashland lifestyle is presented in an easy-to-read, well-organized manner.

So much to offer

Outlined in Travel Southern Oregon is information about Ashland events, activities, wineries, restaurants, theater and shopping.

And much more . . .

The 90-page Travel Southern Oregon magazine will help you move to Ashland by offering complete information on tours, hiking trails and a brief section on the Southern Oregon coast. There's also a map showing the major sights and attractions in Ashland.

Build Magazine

2. Build Magazine

A recent copy of Build Magazine, Southern Oregon edition, is in your Moving To Ashland Package. This first-class, full-color publication features the latest architectural styles and housing designs that are unique to Ashland and Southern Oregon. You'll read about our best home builders and interior designers and dream on the exciting photos of stunning interior and exterior architectural statements.

Building a home is still possible

In your personal copy of Build Magazine, you'll come alive with ideas and the realization that building a custom home is still possible and affordable. One of the fun parts of moving to Ashland, is finding, building or remodeling that home you have always dreamed about. Particularly if you are moving to Ashland from other parts, where building a custom home is complicated and expensive. Build Magazine is a fun addition to the Moving To Ashland Guide. Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

Ashland Living and Doing Business Guide

3. Ashland Living & Doing Business Guide

You'll also receive the Ashland Living & Doing Business Guide, a 96-page booklet, published by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. This information-filled, full-color publication is one of the most important items in your Moving To Ashland Guide. It outlines and reviews the land, the people and the businesses of Ashland, Oregon. It talks about our climate, geography, parks and culture. It's an essential tool to make moving to Ashland an easy transition.

Explore the many resources of Ashland

The Ashland Living & Doing Business Guide includes a complete Ashland business directory of good and services, a review of the economic climate and the Ashland demographics. It also describes the food culture of Southern Oregon and our education system.

Ashland Gallery Guide

4. Ashland Gallery Guide

Your Ashland relocation package features the Ashland Gallery Guide. If you're moving to Ashland, you're sure to enjoy and appreciate the artist community that thrives here. This helpful guide is published by the Ashland Gallery Association

One of the best small arts towns in America

The Ashland Gallery Guide defines over 30 galleries and studios representing dozens of artists offering remarkably diverse and high quality works of art.

Get to know the artists

You'll love to get to get acquainted with the Ashland art scene. This guide includes gallery descriptions, maps and photos of the best art. It's a keepsake for visitors and patrons for future reference when you move to Ashland. Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

Ashland Map Guide

5. Ashland Map Guide

This full-size, fold-out map showing the Ashland streets and highways is a must-have for anyone relocating to Ashland. If you're moving to Ashland, the Ashland Map Guide, offers unbeatable accuracy and reliability and it's included in the Ashland relocation package.

Explore Ashland's outdoors

The Ashland watershed has miles of hiking trails, creeks and abundant wildlife. This Ashland Map Guide, has a whole section dedicated to the exciting opportunities offered in our beautiful outdoors.

The best Ashland highway map

The Ashland Map Guide shows the Interstate, state and county highways, along with all the local roads and streets in Ashland. Keep this Ashland Map Guide close at hand, if you're moving to Ashland.

Oregon Scenic Byways

6. Oregon Scenic Byways

Oregon's roads and highways showcase the state's grandeur and natural beauty. Oregon Scenic Byways highlights the diverse historical and cultural sites that have earned us more designated Scenic Byways and Tour Routes than any other state. This booklet is a valuable resource when you're moving to Ashland.

Explore Oregon's diversity

The Oregon Scenic Byways reviews the unique viewpoints and attractions along each of the 26 routes. Included are maps outlining the must-see stops along each byway and details on mileage, drive times, best travel seasons and other helpful information for planning your trips.

Oregon's Scenic Bikeways

Oregon Scenic Byways also has information about Oregon's 14 State Scenic Bikeways as well as information on electric vehicle charging stations. Ashland is a biking town and please drive with care when you relocate to Ashland as you share the road with bikes, farm equipment and wildlife.


7. Southern Oregon Wine Scene

The Southern Oregon wine scene is big business and when you move to Ashland, you'll be amazed by the acres and acres of wine grapes thriving in the countryside. As you explore the wineries, your day will be filled with beautiful scenery, exceptional tasting rooms and great cuisine.

The Southern Oregon Wine Scene will introduce you to some of our most popular and awarded wineries. Their stories are fun to read and their acclaimed wines are fun to drink. This 58-page Southern Oregon Wine Scene is included in the Ashland relocation package.


8. Taste The Wines of Southern Oregon

If you're moving to Ashland, you probably already know that Southern Oregon is famous for its wines. Our latitude and prevailing oceanic breezes create a 7-month, European-like growing season that distinguishes it from other west coast (and American) growing regions. This uniquely defines and identifies Southern Oregon as an ideal place to grow wine grapes.

Telling the wine story

The Taste The Wines of Southern Oregon brochure is part of your Moving to Ashland relocation package. Published by the Southern Oregon Winery Association, it highlights our wineries and outlines the 5 Southern Oregon regions dotted with over 150 wineries. The regions include; Applegate Valley, Illinois Valley, Rogue Valley, Upper Rogue and the Umpqua Valley. The wide diurnal temperature swings and mountainous topography subdivides the region into a variety of microclimates ideally suited to growing over 70 different grape varieties.  Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.


9. Jackson County Parks Guide

Included in the Ashland relocation package is a copy of the Jackson County Parks Guide. Ashland is located in Jackson County and our well-maintained parks offer diverse recreational opportunities with modern facilities. The Jackson County park system ranges from Emigrant Lake, just south of Ashland, to the 10-field Sports Park in SW Medford, to our popular mountain lakes with boating and camping facilities.

Get acquainted with our parks!

A map and description of each park is included in the Jackson County Parks Guide. Information on camping, reservations, pets, park fees are all included in this popular brochure you will value when moving to Ashland.


10. Ashland Visitor Guide

When someone is moving to Ashland, one of the first things they look for is entertainment and good places to eat. This popular Ashland visitor brochure is loaded with information on our great restaurants and fun things to do.

Here's where you'll find a description of all that Ashland has to offer visitors from dining, shopping, community events and much more. The Ashland Visitor Guide will help you get the most out moving to Ashland.

Enjoy life & have more fun

Every month new and different events are featured throughout Ashland and Southern Oregon. The Rogue Valley Messenger is the best web site to learn about what's happening in Ashland and the Rogue Valley.

community Playguide

11. Community Playguide

For a small town of about 21,000 residents, Ashland has an amazing amount of fun activities to offer residents and visitors. The Community Playguide is published by the City of Ashland and highlights the wide-range of city-sponsored activities you can enjoy when you move to Ashland.

Fun things to do!

The focus of the Community Playguide is to help you schedule activities that interest you and your family. Included are the schedules for local volunteer activities, family programs, adult events, youth programs and information about the City of Ashland parks. Once you move to Ashland, you'll look forward to getting involved in the many community activities sponsored by the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

12. Oregon Shakespeare Festival

This program of top-ranked theater is what put Ashland, Oregon on the map. People come here from around the world to enjoy the Oregon Shakespeare productions. Then, they come back year-after-year and many ultimately move to Ashland or buy a second home here.

It's the main event

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is Ashland's big attraction. This brochure features the background of the festival and reviews the current production schedule and the theater events for the season.

This 55-page color brochure offers you much more than important theater information. It also has a visitor guide with information on Ashland restaurants, accommodations and local attractions. You will treasure this guide when you relocate to Ashland, Oregon. Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

Oregon State Park Guide

13. Oregon State Park Guide

One of the main reasons people move to Ashland is to take advantage of our beautiful natural environment. The Oregon State Parks are a big part if making the outdoors assessable to all Oregonians.

When your Ashland relocation package arrives, one of the first things you'll do is open up the Oregon State Park Guide and start planning your next trip. This rich, full-color, glossy publication divides Oregon into eight sections and highlights the most popular parks in each with a list of amenities and facilities.

Enjoy our great outdoors

Detailed maps and descriptions of each park is included in Oregon State Park Guide. From the rugged Oregon coast to the snow-covered volcanic mountains and the arid rangeland in eastern Oregon, each area has so much to offer the traveler. 

Britt Music & Arts Festival

14. Britt Music & Arts Festival

This brochure outlines the schedule for the Britt Music & Arts Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon - an historic, 1850's gold rush town just outside Medford. This acclaimed event stands out as the Pacific Northwest's oldest outdoor summer performing arts festival. The Britt Music & Arts Festival brochure is included in the Ashland relocation package.

A fun summer venue

The Britt Music & Arts Festival is held in a naturally formed amphitheater set among majestic Ponderosa Pines and native Madrones on the hillside estate of early photographer, Peter Britt..

A mix of music styles

Tens of thousands of music lovers travel to attend the world-class performances, spectacular scenery and casual relaxing atmosphere at the Britt Music & Arts Festival.

Oregon Driver Manual

15. Oregon Driver Manual

If you're moving to Ashland from out-of-state and plan to drive a motor vehicle on our public roads and highways, you must apply for an Oregon driver's license within 30 days with the Oregon DMV. The official Oregon Driver Manual is included in the free Ashland relocation package to give you a head start on this important process.

Oregon driving rules and regulations

The Oregon Driver Manual covers all the new laws, how to apply for a driver's license, rules of the road, the examination process and everything you need to know about driving a motor vehicle in Oregon.

How to register a vehicle

When you move to Ashland from out-of-state, you'll probably be bringing a motor vehicle with you. The Oregon Driver Manual includes a section on vehicle registration requirements outlining how to register your vehicle when you relocate to Ashland.  Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

Oregon Festival & Events Calendar

16. Oregon Festival & Events Calendar

As someone who has just moved to Ashland, you will be amazed by all the special Oregon events and festivals held every year. In fact, it can even be a bit overwhelming.

This addition to your Ashland relocation package will make it easy to decide where and when you want to go. The Oregon Festival & Events Calendar divides the state into seven sections and highlights the special events in each one so you can find the ones you wish to attend.

Visitor and Tourist Centers

Also included in the Oregon Festival & Events Calendar is a list of all the Visitor and Tourist Centers throughout Oregon. This will be a great resource as you travel the state.

Southern Oregon Magazine

17. Southern Oregon Magazine

Welcome to the ultimate Ashland/Southern Oregon lifestyle magazine . . . and I'm happy to include this luxurious magazine in your Ashland relocation guide to give you a look at the luxury executive lifestyle one can enjoy in Southern Oregon.

Tour designer homes, see the latest high fashion and enjoy featured personal and business stories. Whenever you decide to make the move to Ashland, Southern Oregon Magazine will end up on your coffee table for friends and visitors to enjoy.

Even the sophisticated advertising is fun to read. It gives you insight to the high-style living that is possible when you relocate to Ashland.

Southern Oregon Lifestyle

There's also the popular " Reader's Choice" section that rates the best of Southern Oregon in every category you can think of . . . a fun way to discover new and exciting things to do when you move to Ashland.

Southern Oregon Golf Courses

18. Southern Oregon Golf Courses

Oregon has some great golf courses and Southern Oregon has its share. If you're moving to Ashland and love to play golf, you'll no doubt travel the state to play our world-renowned golf courses. This collection of brochures from Southern Oregon courses will introduce you to our local golf courses.

Southern Oregon Golfing

With our relatively mild weather, there are not many times of the year when golfers are not active. Then, on those glorious Southern Oregon days, getting out on the fairways is truly rewarding. These golfing brochures include information on The Resort At Eagle Point, Centennial Golf Club and Bear Creek Golf Course.

Also included in this Ashland relocation package is information on Stewart Meadows Golf Course, Quail Point Golf Club and the Rogue Valley Country Club. The Southern Oregon Gold guides cover all the important details on Southern Oregon's favorite golf courses including course descriptions, type, length, fees and contact information. Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

Jacksonville Review

19. Jacksonville Review

Jacksonville, a National Historic Landmark, is a charming gold rush town just a 1/2 hour drive from Ashand. After you move to Ashland, you'll want to spend an afternoon touring the Historic District.

Jacksonville offers great food and wine, art, live music, and is home to the Britt Festivals concert venue. For wine lovers, the town marks the beginning of the Apple Valley Wine Trail.

Before your visit, you'll want to check out The Jacksonville Review. Published in Jacksonville, this local newspaper feature stories from and about the locals, city news, events, dining, lodging, shopping, and advertiser specials.

Lithia Artisans Market

20. Lithia Artisans Market

Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland offers a unique outdoor shopping experience. Colorful booths displaying artwork made and exhibited by our talented local artists and live music create a festive atmosphere.

Meet Ashland Artists

You'll get to meet Ashland's local artists, talk to them about their work and purchase from them directly. Whether you are a patron of the arts, outdoor market enthusiast, lover of music, or one who simply enjoys a stroll along the creek, a visit to the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland will enhance your visit to Ashland.

The Artisans Market is located on Calle Guanajuato and the front of Litha Park in downtown Ashland, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 3 PMpm from mid-March through October. Click here to order the Ashland relocation package.

The Spirit of Ashland

21. The Spirit of Ashland

The Ashland Downtown Historic District as listed in National Register of Historic Places, has many historic homes, churches, commercial and civic buildings. Among them are Ashland Springs Hotel (1925), Carter Memorial Fountain (1925), the Ashland Library (1912) and IOOF Building (1879).

Old Town Feeling

While Ashland's downtown buildings have been remodeled and reconfigured to meet changing business needs, the vertical masonry buildings and traditional architecture from an earlier time remains.

The district is roughly bounded by Lithia Way and C Street, Church, Lithia Park and Hargadine and Gresham Streets. Visit Ashland Oregon and enjoy our historic downtown.

Locals Guide

22. Locals Guide

The Ashland Locals Guide is a monthly publication delivered to everyone in town.

A great resource for locals and visitors

The guide includes featured interviews, business columns, restaurant information and news on local community groups and non-profits. Glimpse into the personal lives and businesses of Ashland community members who contribute to making Southern Oregon such a great place to call home.

Ashland Locals Guide unlocks the secrets of a town so rich and diverse that visitors continue to discover new and exciting things year-after-year. The Ashland Oregon Guide will help you make the most out of your stay! From exploring Ashland’s diverse trail system, surrounding mountain lakes to world-class arts and entertainment. Finding a place to eat, stay, and play has never been so easy when you visit Ashland Oregon.

The Official Oregon Coast Guide

23. The Official Oregon Coast Guide

When you visit Ashland, you will want to spend a day or two at the Oregon coast . . . 363 miles of sandy coves, rocky cliffs, breathtaking vistas and natural beauty. Hiking, camping, sport fishing, cycling, kite flying, scuba diving, surfing, sand-boarding, boating - there's something for everyone on the Oregon Coast.

The guide is full of trip-planning inspiration and insider tips from locals . . . from accessible adventures in Seaside to almost-secret campgrounds on the Central Coast and tranquil spots for escaping to beauty on the South Coast. Moving to Ashland, gives you the chance follow the guide’s city-by-city itinerary and take note of our top spots for fishing, paddling, bird-watching, seafood eating, craft beer tasting, fat biking and tide pooling.

Plan Your Oregon Coast Road Trip

The Official Oregon Coast Guide is filled with things to do, where to eat, and driving times to plan your perfect Oregon Coast road trip.

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